The width and height of the sum knowledge of this history of Thorn is lost. Between the Cataclysm, the Great war of Shadow, and the lesser war of the Orc Hordes, and the disasters of the Great Whomp and the wild Evergrowing, a great deal is not known to those who live upon the earth. But they know a little. Tales great and small are spread by the bards and written by scribes and locked away in libraries for the future, until the next disaster. The following is small summation. A bit of the basics of the events that shaped this world of adventure.

Age of Dreams 

Aru, first among the Gods, created the world out of the dying spirit of life and death, Erth. He named it Thorn, and spirits mighty and small went and lived there, some taking mortal form, others not. 

Other life grew there as well, not forms created by spirits, but formed from the dying essence of Erth; her death bringing about new life. It is a time of mystery and legend, all that is left is the remnants of crumbling ruin or artifact. 

The Cataclysm 

The one fact that is well known to scholars is that the Time of Dreams ended with an event that nearly destroyed Thorn. It is known as the Cataclysm and is believed that most of the old Gods had perished.

Age of Order 

With the destruction or banishment of the Gods, chaos reigned upon  Thorn. The servants of the Old Ones, such as the Dragons and Titans, clashed over territory and power.  Mortals that had come from the world, such as Elves, Dwarves and Humans, struggled and often lived in slavery to the other powers.

The Dragons eventually dominated all the others and ruled with fiery death for centuries. The most powerful, the most terrifying, became known as the Dragon-Kings. 

Their time of rule did not last forever, however, each generation of dragon became more diluted, soft, greedy and sloth.

The Shining Kingdoms [1810be-15be] 

As the power of the Dragons decreased their Kingdoms shrank and became fewer, the other races gained dominance. Many new kingdoms rose. Wars spread like wildfire as the new kingdoms stake their territories and a sort of peace was made, all of that nearly came to an end with Morkat. 

The Shadow War [15be-0e] 

The Last of the Dragon-Kings, Morkat the Despoiler, Morkat the Lich-King (For he had long achieved…and some say the first to do so … the ultimate undeath) waged mighty war upon the lands of Thorn. His horde nearly destroyed the Elven Kingdoms and Dwarf peoples. In the end it was the might of Alric, a mighty human warrior from the Southlands, who had gathered a horde of his own. Good won over evil. 

The Empire [0-980e]

After the war, Alric gathered all the lands to his dominion. He became the ruler of the Empire. The known world found peace under his rule for a thousand years until the age was ended by his assassination. 

Age of Chaos 

With Alric dead, chaos ruled. Civil wars erupt with men trying to claim the throne, old racial arguments flair. Plague, famine, flood fill the land. All is darkness. 

The Evergrowing [980-1771e] 

Nature itself goes wild. Forests, briars, weeds, overgrow crops and villages. Beasts thought extinct roam the land. The mighty dragons, long thought to be gone from this world, make a return. It is known to druids as the Evergrowing, they alone were prepared of its arrival. 

The Great Whomp [1209e]

Magic too had gone wild and unpredictable, some places impossible. People blamed the Wizards and their craft for all the problems in the world. Lynching became common. Wizards, themselves, became divided on the issue. A civil war ensued, known as the Magewar. Fought with both small duels and mighty armies, the end of the war was marked by the Great Whomp. The Few remaining (the last 100 or so) decided to have it out once-and-for-all. A comet was summoned, a small one, and ended the war, as well as a greater part of the continent. 

The Dark Winter [1209-1375e]

The comet sent a could of dust and debris in the air that blocked the sky and plunged the world into a winter that lasted over one hundred years. It is believed that the magical effects of the Evergrowing allowed the winter to end and people to survive it.

The Orc Wars [1748-1754e]

Just as order had begun to take tentative hold upon the land, at least in the Northlands. The Orc Warlord, Gruak The Skullsplitter, somehow organized the scattered goblinoid tribes and led them through a path of pillage and destruction not seen since the Shadow War thousands of years before. The wars had an eerily similar progression to the Shadow War, and ended with a siege of Cross that lasted 5 years, though not as dramatically. Gruak died and the resulting leaders fought with themselves over who would command and the whole force broke apart. Some tribes leaving, some destroying each other, and some finished off by the defenders of Cross.

Though how Gruak died remains a mystery. Some say he died by assassination, some by treachery from within his command. The world may never know for certain.

This day [1815e]

The dates listed from the calendar established from the birth of Alric’s Empire [BE] before empire, [E] notes the years from the founding of the Empire.