GURPS rules

New Advantages

Taking some of the advantages from Dungeon Fantasy.

Armor Mastery
Shield Mastery
Shield-Wall Training
Energy Reserve (Arcane and Divine)
Expert Backstabbing
Heroic Archer



Total Points: [41]
Attribute Modifiers: HT+1[10]
Secondary Characheristic Modifiers: FP+2 [6]; Will+1  [5]; Basic Move -1 [-5]
Advantages: Alcohol Tolerance [1]; Extended Lifespan 1 [2]; Lifting ST 2 [6]; Magic Resistance 3 [6]; Dark Vision [25]; Resistance to Poison (+3) [5].
Disadvantages: Greed (12) [-15]; Stubbornness [-5].
Languages: Dwarven (Native) [0]; Common (Accented) [4]


Total Points: [49]
Attribute Modifiers: ST-1 [-10]; DX+1 [20]
Secondary Characheristic Modifiers: Per+1 [5]
Advantages: Appearance (Handsome/Beautiful)[12]; Extended Lifespan 4 [8]; Magery 0 [5]; Night Vision 5 [5]; Perfect Balance [15]
Disadvantages: Sense of Duty (Nature) [-15]
Languages: Elvish (Native) [0]; Common (Accented) [4]


Elves may begin the game with any of the following spells:
Armor, Light, Lend Energy, Lend Vitality, Minor Healing, Beast Speech


Total Points: [12]
Secondary Characheristic Modifiers: Per+1 [5]
Advantages: Appearance (Attractive)[4], Night Vision 3 [3]
Languages: Common (Native) [0]


Total Points: [41]
Attribute Modifiers: ST+2 [20]; IQ-1 [-20]; HT+1 [10]
Secondary Characheristic Modifiers: HP+4 [8]
Advantages: Acute Hearing 1 [2]; Dark Vision [25]; Resistant to Metabolic Hazards (+3) [10]
Disadvantages: Appearance (Unattractive) [-4]; Social Stigma (Savage) [-10]
Languages: Common (Native) [0]


Total Points: [25]
Attribute Modifiers: ST-2 [-20]; DX+1 [20]; HT+1 [10]
Secondary Characheristic Modifiers: SM -2; Will+2 [10]; Basic Move -1 [-5]
Advantages: Silence 2 [10], Night Vision 5 [5]
Disadvantages: Gluttony (12) [-5]
Languages: Common (Native) [0]


Total Points: [0]
Languages: Common (Native) [0]



Total Points: [85]

Attributes: ST +2 [20]
Secondary Characteristics: HP +4 [8] 
Advantages: Armor Mastery [5]; Combat Reflexes [15]; High Pain Threshold [10].
Primary Skills: Brawling (E) DX+1 [2]; Intimidation (A) Will-1 [1]; One of Axe/Mace, Broadsword, Polearm‡, Shortsword, Spear‡, or Two-Handed Sword‡, all (A) DX+6 [24]-20; or Flail (H) DX+5 [24]-19.

Fighter-only Options

Mighty Strength
St may be raised above Max to 25.

Armor Mastery 5 points
You’re adapt at actively using armor. Whenever you wear armor with DR 2+, raise its effective DR by 1. This reflects turning the strongest part toward each blow and knowing how best to pad armor using ordinary clothing, Moreover if you layer armor, you don’t suffer the usual -1 to DX for doing so.

Shield Mastery 15 points
You’re especially good at using your shield for cover. You get +1 to its DB anytime you block or dodge a ranged threat. In addition, against cone, explosion or similar area or spreading attack from in front, you can interpose your shield in shuch a way that – even if you don’t take cover – you get an extra DR 2 vs. the effect.

Shield-Wall Training 1 point
You’ve drilled extensively at fighting from behind a shield wall. You can sacrifice your black defence to try to block an attack on an associate standing beside you. you may also ignore the -2 attack when holding a large shield.


Total Points: [101]

Attributes: IQ +2 [40]
Secondary Characteristics: Will +2 [10] 
Advantages: Magery 1 [15]; Energy Reserve 5 [15].
Primary Skills: Hidden Lore (Demons, Magic Items, Magical Writings, or Spirits) and Occultism, both (A) IQ [2]; Alchemy (VH) IQ [8]; and Thaumatology (VH) IQ [1]; Staff (A) DX+2 [8]. 

Wizard-only Options

Wizards may start with up to 3 levels of Magery and can purchase up to 6 levels through play.

Non-wizards may start with Magery level 0 and can purchase up to 3 levels through play

Energy Reserve
3 points/level [Max 20 levels]
You have a separate pool of energy points you can spend as Fatige Points on magic. You can’t use this energy for anything else – but by the same token, external attacks conditions and circimstances that sap FP can’t deplete it! Your Energy Reserve recharges separately from FP at one point per 10 minutes, no matter what you’re doing. The related Recover Energy spell accelerates this as usual.


Total Points: [99]

Attributes: DX +2 [40]
Secondary Characteristics: Per +3 [15] 
Advantages: High Manual Dexterity 1 [5]; Silence 2 [10].
Primary Skills: Brawling (E) DX +1 [2]; Climbing (A) DX+3 [1]; Stealth (A) DX+3 [12]; Escape (H) DX+1 [1]; Pickpocket (H) DX [2]; Lockpicking and Traps, both (A) IQ+1 [4] One of Rapier, Saber, Shortsword, or Smallsword, all (A) DX [2]; Thrown Weapon (Knife) (E) DX [1]; or Bow (A) DX-1 [1]; or Sling (H) DX-2 [1]-13.

Rogue-only Options

Expert Backstabbing
2 points/level [Max 10 levels]
You’re extra-deadly when attacking by suprise! This ability works only with a melee attack that allows no active defence (not just a defence penalized for stun or attack from the side) because the victim couldn’t see it coming – you’re behind them, invisible, or in a social situation where they completely trust you. In that situation, add your advantage level to ST to work out damage; e.g., ST 11 and expert backstabbing 10 let you sttack with a ST 21.

Heroic Archer
20 points
You can draw and shoot a bow quickly. To do so, take a Ready maneuver to get an arrow. on your next turn, make a Bow roll at -3 to ready your bow in no time. Failure means you only ready; success lets you attack at -3 on the same turn. Both penalties are just -1 if you also have Weapon Master (Bow). This trick shaves one second off the usual two-second ready time – you can shoot every other turn.

By making a Fast-Draw (Arrow) roll before your Bow rolls, you can ready an arrow instantly, avoiding the Ready maneuver. This lets you shoot every turn.

Whenever you Attack or All-Out Attack, add your bow’s Accuracy bonus without taking an Aim maneuver. If you Aim, add another +1 after one second, or +2 after two. When you Move and Attack or are in close combat, ignore your bow’s Bulk penalty instead of adding Acc.

Finally, ignore penalties for crazy positions or acrobatics while shooting, and halve any similar penalties to Fast-Draw (Arrow) 


Broken [2]; Accented [4]; Native [6]

VH Languages cost x2

Restricted Languages must be gained through play.

Imperial (Common)
Botan (Human language of  the West)
Canton (Human language of the East)
Turgish (Nomad Human-Southlands)
Asai (Ancient Common)

Durgur (Ancient Dwarvish)

Eldain (Ancient Elvish)

Sylvan (spoken only)

Gurin (Ancient Giant)

Dark Speech

Draconic VH

Theurgai (Old Ones – written only) VH

Celestial VH

Infernal VH

Cleric Spells

Starting Spells may be purchased at character creation. Other spells must be purchased through play.


Starting Spells
Armor, Bless, Lend Energy, Minor Healing, Sense Life

Other Spells
Beast Soother, Beast Speech, Body of Wood, Hide Path, Major Healing, Neutralize Poison, Plant Growth, Plant Speech, Protect Animal, Resurrection, Tangle Growth


Starting Spells
Armor, Bless, Lend Energy, Minor Healing, Bravery

Other Spells
Freedom, Great Healing, Major Healing, Neutralize Poison, Purify Water, Restoration, Resurrection, Turn Zombie


Starting Spells
Armor, Bless, Lend Energy, Minor Healing, Predict Weather

Other Spells
Breathe Water, Create Water, Lightning, Major Healing, Neutralize Poison, Purify Air, Rain, Snow, Storm, Turn Zombie, Walk on Water, Wall of Wind, Whirlpool, Windstorm


Starting Spells
Armor, Bless, Lend Energy, Minor Healing, Light

Other Spells
Continual Light, Create Food, Flash, Major Healing, Neutralize Poison, Preserve Food, Purify Water, Shield, Sunbolt, Sunlight, Water to Wine, Turn Zombie.


Starting Spells
Armor, Bless, Lend Energy, Minor Healing, Major Healing

Other Spells
Beast Soother, Beast Speech, Great Healing, Hide Path, Neutralize Poison, Protect Animal, Relieve Madness, Restoration, Restore Hearing, Restore Memory, Restore Sight, Restore Speech, Resurrection, Sense Life


Starting Spells
Armor, Bless, Lend Energy, Minor Healing, Detect Magic

Other Spells
Analyze Magic, Astral Vision, Counterspell, Dispel Magic, Drain Mana, Invisibility, Light, Magic Resistance, Relieve Madness, Wizard Eye


Starting Spells
Armor, Bless, Lend Energy, Minor Healing, Find Weakness

Other Spells
Boost Dexterity, Boost Strength, Explode, Haste, Hold Breath, Might, Neutralize Poison, Reflexes, Shield


Starting Spells
Armor, Bless, Lend Energy, Minor Healing, Repair

Other Spells
Bravery, Earth to Air, Earthquake, Earthvision, Explode, Find Weakness, Major Healing,  Neutralize Poison, Shape Earth, Shatter, Stone Missile, Toughen, Turn Zombie