The Red Wizards


There was a boy named Alric, he would become Emperor, he was driven to the mountains now called the Red Mountains. There he learned the secrets of the Old Ones, his mentor unknown (the stories range from daemons to Oel to dragons teaching him).

After he came down the mountainside he gathered eight other men, men he knew would be powerful because he had the Foretelling, with those Eight he laid the foundation for the Red Wizards. The Eight sought out others to fill the to teach them to become powerful, because they knew Shadow had fallen in the Northlands and they wanted to prepare.

The gathered the tribes of men and convinced them to wage war to the Shadow. they crafted weapons for them, and aided in battle. During the Empire the reds went to the task of researching the towers, that remains their main goal.

The Red Wizards most potent magic is that of foretelling, the art of seeing the future. They are also accomplished enchanters, they enchanted hundreds of weapons for the shadow war. Though there are Reds who do other things as well.


Very little.There is a Council of Nine. Each member is ranked, the Leader is called First (this position was first filled by Alric and ended when he was assassinated) followed by The Second, The Third, then the rest are called by number (Four, Five, etc.) until Nine. But they are only so named at Council meetings, or  the rare occasion when all the Reds meet (it has happened only three times)

The Council doesn’t really do anything, or anything productive. For the most part members are left for themselves to tinker and putz in the Red’s Towers. One becomes a Council Member in the order you signed the Great Book. So..the Council members are the oldest members.

Aside from the council, there are just members. there is no ranking, there is no hierarchy. Everyone is more or less equal. Since everyone tends to do things by themselves, no ranking is needed. No one wants to bother with trying to track everyone down to determine one either.. Things just are.

Joining the Red Wizards

If someone wants to join the Red Wizards, he must meet the full council of nine, a hard thing to do since most cannot be found at any given time. There are  two key days, holidays, where ceremonies are preformed for Alric’s memory. These are prime days to petition the Council for membership. unless you are an obvious psychopath, you are granted membership. You are given a Red Robe, your name (your true name) is signed in the Great Book (the Only records the Reds, as an organization, keeps), given a ‘handbook’ (that has a short history, a map of the Red Mountains, and guidelines that are so vague that no one bothers to follow them), and are wished good luck.

Why would anyone want to join the Reds?

There are hundreds of Towers that line along the Red Mountains (named after the Red Wizard). These towers belonged to the old Ones and were used to study the Powerful Ley Lines (conduits of Magical Energy) that surged through the mountains, and the towers themselves seem to act like lightning rods to the energy (The Towers that belong to the Guild do the same thing). There is a lot of knowledge and a lot of power in those towers.

Due to a peculiar spell crafted by Alric and the other original Eight Reds, the towers can only be entered by members entered in the Great Book.

The Red Wizard’s Goals

The main goal of the Red Wizards is to gather the secrets of the Old ones by researching the towers of the Old One. How that is done is up to the individual doing the research.

A second goal would be to fight the forces of Cor wherever they are found, but most see the second goal as an extension of the first. Active adventuring, battling Orcs and Daemons, is rare for the Red Wizards


There are hundreds of towers that dot the Red Mountains, and every one belongs to the Red Wizards. After Alric’s assassination and the tower in Cross had sealed, a new tower was built near the Oshaie (sacred gathering place) for Tindaen, a holiday celebrating the new year..

This Tower is empty, or nearly empty, for most of the year But on special Days – Tindaen being one – the Council of Nine meet here to preform ceremonies and, if needed, make judgements (but that is very rare). These are also the days where  many petition the Council to enter the Red Wizards.