The Guild

The Guild, founded after the Magewar, it seeks to control the chaotic nature of spellcasters, and acts as a police force. It was founded by three powerful wizards: Rupert (then the top member of the Red Wizards), Alexander (a powerful necromancer and Rupert’s rival), and Ellessa.

Recent events in the Southlands caused what is known as the Guild War. Nations rose up and went to war with the organization. Eventually cayusing it’s destruction as well as the apparent deaths of its leadership.


There are five major separations of the Guild: Wizards, Arcors, Councils, Emissaries, and Acolytes.

WIZARDS are the head of the Guild. They act as a council and vote on important issues to the Guild. There is no maximum number for this council, but there must be an odd number of them. Right now there are three: Rupert, Ellessa, and Jackson.

ARCORS are judges of the Guild. They enforce the Rites and rules. Also they can ‘mark’ members as criminals. This mark is an actual magical ward that can be seen by any spellcaster.

The Arcors are also captains of the Guild Guard. The Guard are normal soldiers, hired by the Guild. Men are hand picked from the elite guards of all the countries of Thorn, even some mercenaries.

COUNCILS help with the transition of new members. They are given apprentices to guide until the apprentice attains First Circle.

EMISSARIES are non-spellcasters. They are the scribes, clerks, advisers, cooks, and servants to everyone else in the guild.

ACOLYTES are everyone else within the Guild (usually spellcasters), and their rank is determined by the circle they have achieved.


Circles are the mark of status in the Guild. Members, who are spellcasters, who do not have a circle are considered apprentices. After First circle one loses one’s council and is free to do whatever he pleases. This is where the person becomes an Acolyte. At third circle an Acolyte may become a Council himself and greet and teach apprentices. At fifth one may become an Arcor. At seventh one may be considered a Wizard.

Joining the Guild

If a soul is detected who’s potential for becoming a mage is great he is given an assessment. If the assessment is negative, the soul is considered too dangerous to be allowed to live and is slain before it is a threat.

If the assessment is inconclusive the soul is considered insignificant and is left alone. Borderline subjects are given a stern warning!

If the assessment is positive it is given a Council and is invited into the Guild. However the membership may be declined. The subject gets a mild Warning). This process is called ‘the Greeting’.

Joining the Guild as an Emissary is an invitation only a Wizard can give.

Guild Goals

Recovery: This goal is simply to recover lost histories, artifacts, etc. lost in the time of Chaos. This can include spells but it is not limited to that.

Protection: It is the Wizards belief that the times of Chaos was caused by an over balance of power caused by too many mages inventing too many powerful artifacts, and casting too many spells. This second goal states the Guild will; 1 gather and store the most powerful artifacts and keep them from anyone. and 2 to keep tabs on mages and prevent dangerous individuals from getting to power.

Guidance: The Guild wants, at most, order. The emissaries provide guidance and advice to kings and merchants, nations big and small [Guidance is not forced- the elves of the Northern Kingdom and most dwarf kings do not wish to have Emissaries].


There are three main headquarters of The Guild: one is called the Black Tower, one the Red Tower, and one the Wizards call the Library.

The Black Tower

The Black Tower lies in Cross. The Black Tower serves, mainly, as the Guild’s vault. All artifacts, and magic items deemed too dangerous to the public at large, that can’t be destroyed, are kept there. That is why, during the Shadow War, Morkat sieged it for many years.

The tower once belonged to the Old Ones and there was a lot of  powerful artifacts from that time inside it. After the Cataclysm that ended the First Age the Tower was sealed up and not a soul walked its hallways until Alric opened it with a knock. 

The tower served as Alric’s Court until his assassination. When he died the Tower sealed up again, trapping those inside with the assassin. It did not open again until Alexander claimed it for the Guild (now newly formed 1898 years after the death of Alric). 

The Red Tower

The Red Tower rests in the city that is now called Rho. It too was a tower of the Old Ones and lay amongst ruins. And has had many owners, most the apprentice to the Wizard before him.

During the Empire the whole region around the Red tower was known as the province of Armoth. It was a wealthy and content land. After the Emperor died, and the evergrowing began, the small forest, the Palewood, Grew and grew and changed into the Armoth Jungle and devoured the country, and most of the Northlands. The Red tower was lost.

During the Magewar, when Rupert was on one of his crusades, when he was still with the Red Wizards, he discovered the tower, cleared the area around it, and took up residence.

It is a square tower fifty foot on a side and one hundred feet tall, though the insides are much, much bigger. It is heated by a continuously blasting fireball in the main hall on the ground floor.

The tower serves as the Guild’s Bureaucratic center. This is where all the paper pushing and intelligence gathering for the guild is located.

The University

The University is a collection of large buildings in the city of Elan, on the island of the same name. The main building, simply called the Hall, is an exact duplicate, to the stone, of the Academic building of the Acalti Magi Guild. It was created, overnight, by Ellessa after she bought the land from a noble. She sought to restart the college and started to when Alexander visited her to suggest they start the Guild.

The University serves as the knowledge center of the Guild, and most apprentices learn there. It is also open to anyone who visits Elan. Most of the knowledge stored there, in books or whatever,  is non–magical, non–dangerous in nature. The Magic texts are secured in a special library known only to Councils. The most dangerous magic texts are vaulted in the Black Tower.