Brotherhood of the Blade


It is said the brotherhood was born during the time of the Shining Kingdoms, where a like-minded group of assassins took advantage of the political chaos of the time,  while still remainging a secret organization to protect themselves from the Knights Radiant. It was often more prudent to send a single assassin to deal with rival countries rather then to goto war and waste thousands of lives. Especially if outwardly being a ally to said country.

Today, the brotherhood is widely considered a myth, a long dead organozation, who’s tales are told in exxadurated form to scare children into behave and eat their vegetables. However, they are still active and can be called upon to provide their deadly service, for the right price. If you know the right people.


The brotherhood consists of three tiers. There are three captains who oversee everyone and acts as judges when members get out of line. There are leutenants who oversee the day-to-day operations, assign contracts, and may perform special services. Then the rest are the brothers and sisters who assassinate.

Joining the Brotherhood

Joning the Brotherhood is an invitation-only sort of deal. They have the reputation of being the best at what they do and have a high standard for thoes who wish to join. And even at the start, there is a probationary period where they will use a potential assassin as contract-freelancer on less imporant jobs to test them out.


As a secret organization their base of operations is unknown. It is said you can contact them from anywhere in the world, to kill anyone in the world. It is believed they may operate from one of the outer planes and have a powerful patron, perhaps one of the demon princes.

City of doors

The old city of Azeldair, from the old Empire of  Acalti, was the home to the Great Wizard Arkabai and his tower, and while outwardly he was a generous patron and council to the city and even the country, he was secretly one of the  top leutenants of the brotherhood. When the Great Whomp destroyed the empire and flooded the region, Arkabai transported the city to its own pocket plane. The city now wraps up and around inside a great sphere, lit by a beacon emitting from the wizards tower, casting a dim light and shadows throughout the city.

At first, the city and its people, operated almost normally, trying to adjust to a new life in this pocket plane, but after a decade all that remained was Arkabai, who must remain in constant concentration to sustain it, and the brotherhood, who use it as a base. They use magic upon the many doorframs to go to and from this place to the cities of Thorn to do their buisness. They have renamed it the City of Doors.  This place is not known to anyone outside the organization, for long.

Tools of the Trade

Among the things that make the Brotherhood unique are some of the tools provided to its members. Two of note are their Traveling Blade and Soul Spheres.

The members who operate from the City of Doors (not all do) are provided a Traveling Blade, a magical adamantine dagger that  can transform a normal door into a temporary portal to one of the doors in the City of Doors. This is done by carving glyph on the doorframe. Most traveling blades are one-time use items. Some are one-use-per-day items. it is said some leutants, and the captains either don’t need the blades of have blades that work at will.

In a world where targets can come back from the dead, some patrons request an even more permenent solution (and are able to pay for it). The Brotherhood are able to capture a target’s soul using the Soul Sphere. Some of these are given to the clients who request it. Some of them are given to demon princes, usually because the victim had already sold it to them. Most, however are given to Arkabai to fuel the magic used to sustain the plane.