The Builder 
Symbol: Hammer and Anvil 
Alignment: Good 
Portfolio: Crafts, mountains, smithing 
Worshipers: Craftsmen, miners, dwarves, laborers 
Favored Weapon: Warhammer 
Ruk is the god of craft and invention. He is often presented as contemplative, and slow to move. Once he does, however, no force can stop him. His worshipers include Dwarves who favor craft, and Gnomes, who favor invention. 


Ruk wishes his clerics to help preserve the dwarf way of life, do whatever they can to reclaim the lost lands and traditions, and to seek vengeance upon his enemies wherever and whenever they can. 

Clergy and Temples 

His clerics often provide services as architects and engineers as well as offering spiritual guidance to the leaders of the community. Clerics of Ruk are a specific caste in dwarf society, above artisans and below nobles. 

The temples of Ruk tend to be small, circular buildings. At the center there is a sacred stone on top of seven steps.