Master of Magic
Symbol: Eye in a triangle 
Alignment: Unaligned 
Portfolio: Arcane knowledge, magic, pranksters, tricks 
Worshipers: Wizards, rogues, gamblers 
Favored Weapon: Dagger 
Moz is the god of knowledge, luck, and magic, and like magic, he is powerful, untamed and highly erratic. There are those who know that this is but one side of the Great Trickster. They have come to know that he is equally orderly, passive, and – at times – quite predictable. 


Little is required of the clerics of Moz. Life should be enjoyed. Embarrassing a rival is more fun than beating him. Working smart is much better than working hard. 

Clergy and Temples 

Not that many communities admit to having a cleric of Moz, not that many would want to have one, and many villages have a tendency to turn a cleric of Moz away at the gates. Though sometimes they are sought out for a bit of arcane knowledge needed (a cure for mystical poison, help with the local dragon problem, etc.) with a price not usually paid in gold. 

Moz has no temples, though many a Wizard has a small shrine in his tower.