Goddess of the Moon 
Symbol: Crescent Moon 
Alignment: Good 
Portfolio: Art, elves, forests, healing, moon 
Worshipers: Elves, bards, rangers, woodsmen, hunters 
Favored Weapon: The Bow 
Lum is the goddess of the Moon, forest and the hunt. 


Clerics of Lum serve as guardians and wardens of the woods of Thorn. Their duty is the preservation of its balance and beauty 

Clergy and Temples 

The Clerics of Lum live in the forests of the world keeping guard from evil who would exploit its resources. They wear cloaks of green and brown, and prefer the use of the longbow, when action is required. 

Temples are little more than a grove of trees with a small shrine indicating a place preferred by Lum, Often at the base of a large oak tree or along a meandering stream.