Lord of Light
Symbol: The Sun 
Alignment: Lawful Good 
Portfolio: Journeys, roads, sun 
Worshipers: Merchants, Farmers, Rogues 
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff 
Dae is the god of travelers and farmers. He prefers not to visit anyone in person instead he favors shafts of light from parting clouds or from some unidentifiable source.


Clerics of Dae wander Thorn, serving his will. Dae particularly hates undead of all types and urge his servants to destroy them whenever encountered. Clerics of Dae will often accompany merchant caravans, considered good luck by the merchants 

Clergy and Temples 

Clerics of Dae are typically dressed for travel. They often have weathered boots and cloaks as well as weathered faces. They spend most of their time traveling…helping a community bring in a harvest or shear some sheep. They go out of their way to villages or towns endangered by undead. 

Dae have no temples to speak of. There are meeting places, usually in the wild, marked by small shrines designed to mark the passing of the days.