Lord of Chaos 
Symbol: Horned Skull 
Alignment: Chaotic Evil 
Portfolio: Chaos, evil, orcs, slaughter, 
Worshipers: Orcs, Half-orcs, Goblinoids, Evil Creatures 
Favored Weapon: Battle axe |
Known as the Great Devourer, Cor is the god of all evil creatures, a favorite of Orcs and Goblins as they are his ‘children’.


Cor demands his followers to conquer where they can, destroy what they can’t, and slaughter everyone they battle. He despises all the other gods who have kept him from destroying his ancient enemy, Oel. 

Clergy and Temples 

Cor’s clerics are typically leaders among the tribes of those who worship him, or advisers to chieftains who would never make important decisions without the blessing of their god. 

Temples are usually the center of the lives of those who follow him. They tend to be larger than those of the other gods. Most with fighting pits, the really large temples are little more than gladiatorial arenas.