Master of the Seas 
Symbol: Three Fish 
Alignment: Unaligned 
Portfolio: Judgement, storms, seas, rivers 
Worshipers: Fishermen, sailors, coast dwellers 
Favored Weapon: Trident 
Cea is the god of the oceans and weather. He is a vengeful god who is quick to punish those who do not follow the ancient laws, often this punishment is considered excessive. 


Cea urges his clerics to enforce and inform others of the law, also to safeguard and protect the seas and rivers. 

Clergy and Temples 

Clerics of Cea can be found among seacoasts, lakes and rivers. They will often head the local law enforcement, and it is said they can be brutal, but they consider their actions just. Especially if Cea decides to punish the whole community if he feels his clerics are not fulfilling their duty. 

Temples are large ornate buildings, usually built out on a body of water. They are known to have vast libraries of the ancient knowledge of Laws, as well as holding cells for lesser offenders.