The Old Ones walked the earth. They had cities of gold and mithril. They discovered and played and worked with magic. They waged war upon each other. They were not gods, then. But had worshiped the Primal.

The Old Ones ascended, to replace the Primal who were destroyed or banished during the Cataclysm.


There is little structure to the religion of Thorn. Only Oel has cathedrals, but they are ruins or are falling apart, constantly in repair. Most worship is done privately with small shrines. These shrines are usually kept in the home, or in small parks or glades. The Matachi Clan has arranged shrines at regular intervals along the Matachi Road, for convenience. They are well kept.

Most ceremonies, such as marriage, is limited to the immediate family only; however, there are some occasions that are celebrated by a whole community. These are holy days. Some of these days are celebrated by all the gods. Some holy days are specific to a particular diety, depending on its history.

Praying Stones

At the center of a shrine or alter there is a round flat stone, usually two to three feet in diameter. The Praying Stone serve as a focus of prayer. On these stones is carved the icon of the deity worshiped. Many stones have multiple icons on them and serve as connections to those deities.

There is usually a base or basin which offerings are made. The kind of stone does  not matter; however it must be made of stone. These circles cannot be made of wood, metal, clay or anything else. 

Holy Symbols

Holy symbols carried by priests are small round flat stones, around two or three inches in diameter, and are carved with the icon of the deity they serve. ‘Silver’ holy symbols are usually polished stone with the icon ingraved and inlayed with silver.


The Primal

Before the Cataclysm, the Primal were the gods the Old Ones worshiped. Not many survived the Cataclysm. Those that did fell out of favor and were forgotten.

OELLord of Order
ERTHThe dying goddess of life and nature (druids)
CORLord of Chaos

The Old Ones

Descendants of the first spirits who came to live on Thorn in mortal form, the Cataclysm nearly destroyed them all. A few ascended to take the place of the gods who died.

AZHThe Corruptor
CEAMaster of the Seas
DAELord of Light
LUMGoddess of the Moon
MOZMaster of Magic
ROMGod of War
RUKThe Builder

Minor Gods

A (small) partial list of the many minor gods of Thorn.

AERThe Goddess of Air
ANU – The God of Death
BAS – The Goddess of Cats and Fertility
BOB – The God of Numbers
CRODemigod of Strength
GOMThe God of Earth 
LIRLesser goddess of prose, poetry, literature and art.
LOTHGoddess of Spiders
LUVGoddess of Beauty and Passion
NIKGoddess of victory.
RAOGod of peace, reason and serenity.
TOK – God of Time
TORGod of Thunder and Lightning
TOHGod of Duty and Obligation
TOMGod of Knowledge and Books
VYKLesser god of courage.
VORGod of Fire
WYRThe Goddes of Water