Large City
Population:  47,875
Government: Republic
Religions: Oel, Dae, 
Authority Figures: Dergo Berstaot, President; Ellessa Allowood, Guild Wizard
Elan was the Capitol of the last great empire of the titans, It and the island, also called Elan, was discovered during the Shadow War.

Men flocked to the “City of the Ancients”, most of them scholars. During the time of The Empire, Elan grew. After the assassination of the Emperor, many tried to conquer Elan either to start another Empire, or simply to loot it. Elan, however, was protected by its mighty fleet (the best in the world) and a fair amount of Wizards, who collected to the city to learn in the Grand Libraries, until the Magewar.

During the Magewar, Elan became a focal point in the conflict. By the time of the Great Whomp, there were very few wizards left alive to participate. Shortly thereafter, the newly formed Guild, all three of them, offered their support and protection for Elan in exchange for land next to the Grand Library, and was granted. There they put an exact replica of the library (sans books) of the Great Library of Acalti. The actual library perished in the Great Whomp along with the rest of the continent it had been on. The Guild has been striving to fill it ever since.