The Southlands, the lands of men, is the continent that lies south of the Blood Sea and east of the Great Ocean. Before the Empire the land was open and the tribes of men roamed the savannah hunting the vast variety of wild game, sometimes raiding each other as well. Ruins of old cities mark the landscape and were generally avoided by the roaming men.

Since the introduction of other races into the Southlands and the formation and subsequent breakup of the Empire, the Southlands have been wracked with war, famine, and disease. Only recently, with assistance from the Guild, have the wars ended and the plagues cured.

Human Kingdoms


Dwarven Cities

Mon Aknud
Mon Durzur
Mon Kazad


Akar Desert

Known as the land of the setting sun, this is a land of desolation. At one time, deep in the past of the Old Ones, this was a fertile land with a large and prosperous kingdom. There are ruins in many places that depict their presence here. A priest-king offended Oel in some manner, so the lands became cursed and barren.

The lands are now occupied by men who have adapted to the harsh lands. They are known as the Akari and have adopted many of the beliefs and traditions of the Old Ones who were worshiped there before.

Caltra Sea

Set in the middle of the Southlands the Caltra Sea serves as a highway of trade. There are many fishing villages and ports along the water’s edge. The warm waters are patrolled by the Elan Fleet, a very powerful navy, making the sea safe for travel by everyone.

The Green

Home to many of Thorn’s natural wildlife, the forest called The Green provides shelter for many of Thorn’s more exotic wildlife: dragons, minotaurs, and ents to name a few. There are also wild tribes of Men in treetop villages who serve as excellent and inexpensive guides.

Muckborn Swamp

When travelling the northern part of the river of Sol a traveler can see Muckborn Swamp. A horrid, putrid, and smelly place that men avoid entering. It is home to the Lizardmen, a savage and brutal race that raids many surrounding settlements. The Lizardmen leave travelers on the river and the city of Quest at the river’s mouth alone. A pact was made with the Empire. Although the Empire is long gone and the Emperor dead, the Lizardmen still honor the pact.


The lands south of the Red Mountains is a mysterious grasslands. It is home to mainly Nomads and wanderers that are descendants of the original tribes of Men that Alric gathered to fight Morkat and his army of shadow. At the end of the war many went back to their tribesmen who stayed in the Savanna. For the most part they want nothing to do with the ‘Northerners”.


Set in the middle of the country of Baraku there is a remarkably normal forest with no monsters or fairies of any kind. The country is famous for the bows produced from the wood that is harvested here.