The region of the Northlands is a vast continent ranging from the Jungle of Armoth to the Old Black mountains of the Northern Wastes. Much of the land is wild countryside overrun with animals and monsters, as well as large Orc and Goblin tribes. Nestled here and there are city-states, remnants of the vast Empire. Like an oasis in the desert.

Human Cities

Arkopolis, Arrowhead, Bag’s Hill, Barter, Barstone, Borsport, Crestport, Cross, Dragoron, Dryrm, Ernor, Farsden, Greytower, Haven, Hightower, Kingston, Korton, Narthel, Norfork, Orden, Prince Port, Red Rock, Sentinel Bay

Dwarven Cities

Mon Ardor
Mon Ark
Mon Burok

Mon Dak Agor
Mon Dur
Mon Zurdur

Elven Kingdoms

The Northern Kingdom

The Elves of the Northern Kingdom are Isolationists, they distrust all outsiders, and indeed consider themselves superior to all the other races. They allow none to enter their kingdom save other elves…and then only reluctantly. And those who do so without permission are never seen again. They have little dealings with the outside world and prefer it that way. 

It is said they hold knowledge and wealth beyond measure, but few know for certain.

Elven Cities

The Southern Kingdom

The Southern Kingdom is a fractured and broken kingdom. The elven kingdom spread all over Thorn. The king and queen rule in exile from palaces in Cross. An active search is ongoing to recover their lost culture, and one day vow to return and rebuild their homeland.



South of the Black Mountains and west of the great Thornwood lie a land of rough rocky terrain cracked with fissures and chasms. It is a wild land filled with Orc and Ogre tribes who raid and pillage each other as a way of life. The Elves of the Thornwood keep careful watch along their northern borders for invasions that sometimes happen but rarely succeed.

Black Mountains 

Running along the ‘top’ of the Northlands lay a range of mountains that were the cradle of the dwarves, their ancient homelands. After the dwarves were driven from it, the hordes of orcs and goblins and others took its holds and caverns as their own, soon after it became known as the Black Mountains. Its once green and fertile valleys now are barren rock and its grassy steppes now a charred and barren wasteland.

Drake Sea

Fair Hills

Nestled south of the Northern Kingdom and west of the Spine lie a small patch of rolling farmland belonging to the halflings. There they live in blissful ignorance of events around them. Their biggest concerns include the tobacco crop and Augge Brukbocs prize bulls.

The Forest of Shadows

Once a part of the Briarwood, the Forest of shadows is a dark and twisted place of fear. Not many are quite sure when or how it happened. Some theorists blame the evil necromantic magic of Morkat and his followers, some cite the Evergrowing and the wild unpredictable energies of that time as the cause, or some combination of the two. It may be something else entirely. The Elves of the Southern Kingdom seek the answer, for they wish to someday reclaim the forest as their home.


The region east of the Grey Mountains, South of the Red River is a vast, flat grassland. It is featureless outside from the occasional spots of trees, hills, or a stream here and there. The Grasslands are home to numerous orc and goblin tribes, as well as tribes of other creatures: gnoll, troll, and even savage men.

Iron Mountains

Far on the western shores of the Northlands runs a small range of mountains. These are known as the Iron Mountains, and as their name suggests the mountains are filled ripe with ore. Iron, gold and platinum lie among rich deposits of gemstones. These mountains are also home to the cousins of the dwarves the gnomes.

Isle of Dragons

Matachi Road

The Matachi merchants were famous for their ‘exotic wares at a reasonable cost’ even before the Empire. So it should not be a surprise that as the Evergrowing receded the Matachi were bold enough to be the first to attempt to reopen trade routes that had closed because of the effects of the Evergrowing. Not too long after, the trade route stretched from the Iron Mountains through Cross, and the Coastal cities, and more recently into the Southlands to the great city of Elan. This route is called the Matachi Road.

Myre Wood

Perhaps the oldest patch of forest on Thorn. It is the only home to the Ents. Their stories and wisdom dated back to before the Great Cataclysm. The wood is filled with all manner of Fey who tolerate those who live outside the wood, but suffer few who enter uninvited. It is also home to the head order of Druids.

Red River

The Largest river in the world, the Red River, winds its way down from its source in the Grey Mountains draining into the Blood Sea. The Lower half is slow moving and lends itself to boat travel. Towns that were abandoned or destroyed during the Evergrowing are now beginning to be resettled along its banks.

Silver River

To many the Silver River is a mystery. Most of it lies within the Northern Kingdom and only the elves who live within the Kingdom’s borders know the river’s secrets.

The Spine

The Spine is marked on many maps as the Grey Mountains, its tall granite spires impassable save a few passes. Its caves and valleys are home to many animals, a few trolls, and several settlements of dwarf houses. It is said they settled there to keep close watch on the elves of the Northern Kingdom. After the Ordeal of the Three Requests not many dwarves trust the goings-on inside that wood.

The Starlit Sea

Tevelry Desert

A desert shifts its sands across the northern coast. There are rumors of lost cities of times gone by with treasure waiting to be reclaimed. Few dare the desert’s wastes, however, for even to reach the desert’s edge means crossing the wilderness; a perilous journey in itself.


South of the Black Mountains and west of the Spine there lies a great forest whose trees are as old as the land itself. From outside, the forest takes on a foreboding image. The trees are gnarled and overgrown with tangles of thorny undergrowth. Not much is known of the wood other than it is the home of the Elves of the Northern Kingdom, they consider it theirs, and warn others to stay out!

Troll Wood

This swampy, marshy wood has trolls in it.