Coastal Cities

The Coast Cities are the remnants of the Kingdom of Acalti that was destroyed in the Great Whomp when the comet was summoned and the majority of the continent sunk and the Blood sea was made. They are a collection of City–States that are grouped together because they happen to be protected by the Great Wall of Zurbed. Each City is independent and has its own laws and rulers. They leave each other alone, more or less, to their own problems. There is enough strife without having to protect oneself from rival cities. There is a fair amount of trade and travel between them.

Cities of the Coast




Cro’s Mound

Cro’s Mound was a city that was ruled by a very powerful, and very evil king, Lord Arul, who was an old titan who had been hiding since the Cataclysm. One stormy night, Cro appeared and the two fought in epic battle. It the end Arul was banished, and the city was laid to waste. Now only a monument stands on top of a very large mound.

Dagger Mountains

The Dagger Mountains run through Armoth. Although the northern part of the range has tall impassable spires where monsters live, the southern part of the range is less rugged. A few displaced dwarf lords are attempting to start a settlement there.

The Great Wall of Zurbed

The Great Wall is twenty feet tall ten foot wide, made of steel, and travels from the Blood Sea to the Jungle of Armoth. Indeed it continues well into the sea and the jungle, circles what was once Acalti’s border. The wall was made by the famous Enchanter Zurbed ‘Eagle Eye” Bazurbad during the best years of Acalti, when it was most prominent. The wall was ordered to be a sign as the Country’s might. It was also in response to a Foretelling that the great country was doomed to destruction.

In the end the wall did little to protect the country from its fate. The wall still functions though. There are wards and an army of golems that protect the wall’s length.

Jungle of Armoth

Speak the word Armoth and you speak of death. Even though it is significantly smaller than it once was. The Jungle, to many people, symbolized the Evergrowing. The times became more chaotic and the Jungle grew. At the height of the Evergrowing the Jungle consumed the lower half of the Northlands and surrounded Cross. Many of the monsters that came from the Evergrowing came from the Jungle. As the crisis is waning the Jungle is shrinking. Many doubt it will disappear and still whisper its name if they dare say it at all.